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10 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. D02TF24


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About Us

The Joy of Chá is a gastro cafe located in the Heart of Dublin in Temple Bar.The Joy of Cha was opened in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland and became the countries first specialised tea shop. We have been selling premium tea and coffee for nearly 15 years so we have a huge amount of experience under our belt. We also serve delicious all day breakfast and offer tea and coffee of your choice.


                                                             All Day Breakfast

Irish Traditional Breakfast €9,50
Free-range eggs, bacon, artisan sausage, white pudding, black pudding, grilled tomato, pan fried baby potatoes, toast.

The Full American Breakfast €8,50
Pancakes with maple syrup, scrambled free range eggs, crispy Dutch bacon.

Loaded Breakfast Nachos €8,90
Hot Nachos loaded with cheese, (bacon optional) fried egg, salsa, sour cream sauce.

Breakfast Bagel €8,50
Grilled bagel with melted cheese, crispy bacon, fried egg and greens.

Vegetarian Breakfast €8,50
Eggs, toast, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, pan-fried potatoes(add cheese €1,00).

French Breakfast €7,20
Croissant with crispy bacon and Swiss cheese (add Eggs €1.90).

Artisan Irish Sausages, Eggs and Toast €8,50
A pair of traditional Irish Pork Sausages with pan-fried potatoes, free range eggs on hot toast.

Salmon and Egg Bagel €8,90
Bagel with cream cheese, scrambled egg, salmon and greens.

Scrambled Egg on Toast €5,50
A pair of fresh free-range eggs scrambled and served ono two slices of buttered hot toast.

Egg and Avocado Toast €7,20
Fried eggs, greens, soft avocado on sourdough.

Croissant and Eggs €5,90
Baked this morning a croissant paired with free range eggs scrambled to order (add bacon € l,90).

Pancakes €5,50
Served with fresh Irish butter and Canadian maple syrup.

Bagel and Peanut Butter €3,90

Toast €2,50
Two slices of toast, with butter.

Porridge €4,90
Made with milk or water, served with honey or maple syrup.

Muesli €4,90
With milk and honey.

Extra Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Beans, Pancake €2,50

                                                  All Day Food

Classic Club (House Special) €8,90
Grilled chicken breast and bacon, with juicy ripe tomatoes and salad leafs layered between three slices of toasted bread with house mayo.

Chicken, Goat cheese, Tarragon Pesto €8,50
Ciabatta, grilled chicken breast, farm goat cheese, pesto, salad sprinkled with herbs.

Parma Ham with Swiss Cheese €8,50
Parma Ham and melted Swiss cheese, fresh leaves drizzled with extra virgin olive oil on Italian bread.

Irish Smoked Salmon Avocado Sandwich €8,90
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, fresh salad with a twist of pepper.

Artisan Irish Sausages and Mature Cheddar €7,90
Grilled pork and leek homemade sausages paired with mature cheddar, fresh salad greens on Ciabatta or brown bread.

BLT €7,90
The secret to the BLT is a perfect balance of three terrific ingredients:
Crispy fried bacon, fresh tomatoes and salad.
Available on brown bread or bagel.

Vegetarian Choice €8,50
The true delight of this sandwich is the aubergine and Irish goat cheese!

Bacon and Cheese Toastie €7,90
Grilled smoked bacon, sliced tomatoes, melted cheddar cheese.
Served with fresh salad.

Chicken and Brie €8,50
Grilled chicken breast, cranberry sauce, melted brie.
Served with fresh salad.

Ham and Cheese €7,90
Ham, tomato, melted cheese, fresh salad on brown bread or Ciabatta.

Warm Chicken and Egg Salad €8,90
Grilled chicken mixed with egg, rosemary house mayo on a bead of mixed leafs and warm tortilla.

                                               Cakes and Pastries

Selection of Homemade Patisserie Cakes €4,80
served with fresh cream.

Large home made scones €2,90
with butter & preserves.

Muffins €2,90
chocolate or blueberry.

Danish Pastries €3,20

Croissant €2,80
with butter & preserves.